Friday 01-12-2017 Inclement Weather Alert — ACTIVE ALERT

Due to inclement weather conditions, services in the areas listed below may be delayed. We closely monitor weather and street conditions in the areas we service. This page will be updated throughout the winter season to alert you of changes to service in your area.

  • Church Street, Dunbar TWP
  • Turkeyfoot Road, Mill Run PA
  • Jim Town Road, Lower Tyrone TWP
  • Wharton TWP
  • Normalville, Springfield TWP
  • Portions of Georges TWP

Our Policy

In case of severe weather conditions, garbage collection may be delayed or postponed. All reasonable effort will be made to service your area during inclement weather.

Weather permitting; we may deploy counter measures to attempt collection prior to the next scheduled collection day. We may also deploy evening or weekend collection efforts. However please be aware that weather conditions may prevent us from doing so until your next scheduled collection day.

When weather or road conditions improve and we are able to safely travel to your service area, we will pick up all accumulated trash at no extra cost to you.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and encourage everyone to be safe during inclement weather. The safety of our employees and the communities we service remains our number one priority.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the challenges presented by inclement weather.

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